Three biggest swirling around questions for the new ‘Windows 10’

Although the company has announced its launch in September, 2014 yet, Windows 10 won’t hit the market until the mid of 2015. Microsoft is continuously developing and refining its OS based on the feedback of users. Now, you must be anxious to know more and there might be various questions poking your brain.
Microsoft Windows 10

Here are the answers to 3 major queries you have regarding this latest version of Windows:

1. What will Windows 10 cost?

The company has declined to discuss the pricing of Windows 10. But there are rumors that the update for the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, it can be free. With this, it is expected to run on a wide variety of devices including your PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. As it is aimed to attract the customers from Windows XP and Windows 7 holdouts, who crave for an intuitive experience, there may be some versions for free. But, for the final pricing you have to wait for any further updates.

2. Will it make Modern apps more viable?

As per the reports, Windows 10 comprises of a range of UI changes. It is specifically designed to develop touch-oriented Modern apps. It also includes the ability to run Modern apps in floating windows on the desktop, the revamped app store that allow enterprises to set up customized storefronts and lots more. With all amazing features, it’s bit unclear that how many apps will gain from availability on both PCs and the game console? Will the polished apps require some additional developer work, etc?

3. What’s coming for consumers?

Microsoft has come up with a consumer-oriented preview of Windows 10 for tablets and Smartphone’s, which is yet to come in effect next year. For the customers, the features which will greatly appeal the customers include notification center, a new version of IE and a Windows Phone virtual assistant Cortana.

So, it is yet to see what Microsoft brings forth, missing the ‘9th ‘ version  and jumping to its new launch, “Window’s 10”!