When to Say NO to Cloud

Cloud may not be suitable for everyone. Learn here why.)

Opting for cloud technology is beneficial for small business. However, it is not beneficial all the time and for everyone. Or you can say that a cloud solution is not necessarily the answer for everything. While it can meet the needs of all businesses, there are the times when you should make the most of your physical server.

Cloud-techSlow Internet Connection:

Cloud operates over the Internet. Therefore, make sure you have a high speed and reliable connection to access the service provider’s servers. With a slow and interrupted connection, you may have bad experience with the cloud.

If you don’t want to Pay Ongoing Expense:

Opting for a cloud is like renting the equipment. You have to pay the usage fee as long as you are subscribed to the cloud service. If you don’t want to pay an ongoing fee every month for services, cloud may not be for you. Instead, own a server with one-time expense.

Having Sensitive Data:

Some companies don’t move to the cloud because of the security concerns like data breaching, account hijacking, malware and abuse of cloud services.  While most cloud vendors ensure robust security to the data, you have a peace of mind when the data is stored on your physical server at your premises.

Sense of Ownership:

If you own servers, you control them. You can change them or add memory or replace a drive. You can make changes to the server to boost the performance. But cloud may not ensure you the same control. However, you can customize the package.

Requiring Huge Amount of Data:

Some applications require the processing of large amount of data that need more input/output from the disk. Some applications are meant to be run over specific hardware like chip set and software, thereby not being compatible for the cloud as the vendor may not have those essential pieces of technology.


If the total cost of shifting to the cloud affects ROI due to cloud requirements of customization, data standardization and integration, cloud may not be for your organization.

So these are the scenarios when using cloud may not be profitable for your business. The cloud is a suitable choice for small businesses that need rapid scaling of infrastructure as they grow. It is also compatible for applications that are non-mission critical; not heavily regulated and not sensitive.

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