What are the Top Concerns in Cloud Security?

Did you know? 70% of the world’s business is now on the cloud, whether partially or entirely. It simply means that cloud has become the mainstream technology for most of the businesses around the world. This is because it offers higher flexibility, automation, increased collaboration, automatic software updates and an independence to work from anywhere.

What are the Top Concerns in Cloud Security

However, it can’t be denied that cloud security is not free from several concerns, majority of them are security related. It is also true that many businesses hesitate to seek cloud services due to these risks. What are those risks in cloud technology?

Here we have listed the top concerns that have plagued the cloud technology.

Data Breaches:

The number one concern associated with the cloud computing is the threat of data breaches. A recent report unveils that 50% of the IT and security professionals consider cloud computing unsafe for data protection. Since cloud servers store vast amount of data, providers are often an attractive target for cyber criminals.

Hijacking of Accounts:

Cyber-criminals can remotely access data stored on the cloud. However, cloud is prone to such risks only with weak passwords and vulnerable cloud infrastructure. Make sure your service provider have multi-authentication systems like OTP, phone based code and smartcards to protect your data on cloud servers.

Insider Threat:

Like in a traditional computing, cloud technology is prone to an insider threat. A malicious employee can use his authorized access to manipulate the information relating with customers, finances and other data.

Insecure APIs:

Nearly every cloud service comes with APIs. These APIs or interfaces are used to manage and interact with cloud services. It is also true that APIs determines the security and availability of cloud services, whether its authentication, access control or encryption. If interfaces and APIs are weak, it can expose your organizations security issues to the cyber criminals. They are on the target of hackers as they are easy accessible from the Internet.

Permanent Data Loss:

Once hackers gain access to your data, they can delete it permanently to harm your business. And it can’t be denied that cloud data centres are prone to natural disasters. Therefore, it is essential to choose the service provider who takes daily data backup and provides off-site storage option.


With these risks in cloud computing, it is essential to choose the good cloud security service provider to minimize the complications.