Top Benefits of High Availability for Your Small Business

See how HA help businesses achieve scalability and productivity.

If you think that HA or High Availability is for data centres only, you need to think again. It is useful for the businesses application and productivity which often take place in mission-critical atmosphere. By deploying HA system in your enterprise, you can make your servers and operations more strong, consistent, and resilient.

Less Downtime:

Less DowntimeA malfunctioned business server also affects the other servers in its connectivity, leading to the downtime. Needless to say it affects your productivity. Here comes HA! It enables you transfer operations to a host server in case of server failure. Therefore, you can get your work done without any interruption.

Good for Revenue:

Good for RevenueA fail server means less or no new sales, and existing customer base can’t be helped. The quicker you get your server backup and running, the faster you can back to business as usual. With less failover solutions, the operations can shifted to the host server. You can continue the functions as if the originals server was never failed. An HA provider should make sure that the data of your business pass through an encrypted and scalable network configuration to the host server.

Easy to Maintain:

Easy to MaintainDowntime is the not the only issue your business face. You have to maintain and upgrade your hardware and software which are costly. With HA solutions by your side, it can be minimized. You can plan to retrieve the server to the host site, and continue with your production while in-house operations are being customized.

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum FlexibilityAre you looking for 24/7 availability and security for your production site? Only High Availability solutions can give you this degree of flexibility. A partial failover mode of a server lets you carry out communications by using different interfaces. Besides, the failover mode will be turned off and all the changes will be transferred to the production servers once the main production site is fixed up.

Improved Flexibility and Agility:

Improved Flexibility and AgilityWhile DR solutions are important, these take much time to coordinate. Surprisingly, HA solutions switch over to the failover zones and operate production from there in just few seconds. HA is tailored according to your needs

HA allows you to set the data replication time—do you want to upgrade your data within minutes, or within seconds? In this way, HA ensures you a seamless business functioning.

Real Time Backups:

Real Time BackupsA real time backup is one of the striking benefits of high availability model. The backup updates the latest backup version of a file as soon as it is customized, ensuring recovery copies are accurate to within a few minutes.

Bottom Line:

flexible for support and maintenanceSo you must have understood that HA is far more flexible for support and maintenance, works over all servers, and provides a much higher probability of no problem after a failover.

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