Things to Consider While Choosing a Data Backup System

Backup solutions are different and it is extremely essential to be aware of the results of preferring one solution over another. This is because every service model has its own pros and cons. Some data services come with excellent protection. There are many data services being come with outstanding protection. However, some services just cover data while others are meant for covering the entire systems. Some are designed to aid the recovery of your systems in case of crisis, while other provides protection from physical risks like fires, theft and flood. Sometimes some data centres are out of Singapore, meaning that they can’t be tried under the country’s data laws. So you must keep the following points in mind while choosing a data backup system for your business in Singapore.

data-backupData Only versus Full System Backup

Data only backup lets you recover the important business data like documents, financial information and emails. However, the catch is that everything else on your system should be created from scratch which takes several days.

Full system level backup, on the other hand, copies your all software, settings and data. This means that the entire system can be restored exactly as it was like before, saving you from the hassle of re-installing or re-configuring everything.

On Site versus Off Site

On site backup, as the name suggests, facilitates you copy the data on the same premises. The information can be transferred to the server even without the internet while large information can be copied locally. It is easier and quicker to retrieve the lost data than getting it from remote site over the Internet. However, it may be prone to local disasters like fire, flood or theft.

With Offsite, the only difference is that you store your data at a different location, generally over the Internet. While all the benefits and functions remain the same, you get a protection from local disasters. But it is solely relied on an internet connection, requiring you good availability of the internet with good bandwidth.

So, What to Choose?

Well each backup has its own pros and is suitable for unique business needs. All you need to ponder over risks/vulnerabilities, budget and requirements to choose the right option. If you are in doubt, consult Apixel IT support now