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Design Considerations for High Availability on Cloud Computing Database Systems

Cloud computing hosts almost all the answers to every question asked in the real-world. Users want their systems to serve at all the times without meeting ever going down. Achieving 24X7 data availability on the cloud requires some serious database design considerations and in this post, we’re going to discuss exactly that.

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IT Consultants in Singapore

IT Consultants in Singapore Can Help A Business Make Better Use of Technology

It makes no sense at all for a business to try to capitalize on its growth prospect without having a foolproof IT strategy in place. Better use of technology can help you emerge as a brand and boost your revenue stream. Read on to know how IT consultants in Singapore can help you make the most of technology as a business!

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Technology in Education: Friend or Foe?

Owing to the tidal wave of internet and digital revolution, e-learning is progressively becoming a buzzword in the field of education. Though the use of internet has very much become common in our homes and businesses, it is also been marching voraciously into the classrooms and universities of today. The classroom blogs, assignments, online courses & the Scholastic mobile apps – education is going electronic and this is happening very fast. But, have you ever wondered if in terms of education and learning – is technology really a friend or a foe? Let’s find out.

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IT Support

High End IT Maintenance through our flat-rate managed IT Support Service

If you are a business constantly surprised by expensive bills for IT infrastructure maintenance, you will understand that it is really annoying to deal with these unforeseen costs. For easy on the budget and full proof IT management services and maintenance of computer network for business, we have devised a very novel flat-rate managed IT Support Service. Read on for how you can benefit with our new system.

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