Google to boost Singapore data center with invest to the tune of S$404 million

The first data storage facility is operational from the past 18 months and has witnessed remarkable increase in the data usage in Singapore as well as, across the globe. This remarkable increase and demand in data capacity has motivated Google to build its new data center in Singapore.

Google to boost Singapore data center with invest to the tune of S$404 million Image Credits: stasiareport

The new building will be constructed on land next to its current site as a multi-level facility and is expected to be operational from mid of 2017. The data center is currently in its design state and Google is planning to develop a team of permanent staff, apart from the contractors supporting Google operations in the data centre. They are also aiming to hire data centre facilities technicians and engineers, as well as data centre facilities manager.

According to Vice-President Joe Kava, nearly 400,000 first-time internet users have gone online last year. It is a 10 percent increase from the previous years, Singapore has the highest level of penetration rate i.e. 80 percent, and as many people are also going online through smartphones, due to the availability of high access speed of 100Mbps, expansion seems to be the only solution to keep up with the demand for more data capacity.

The giant search engine is also concerned and very particular over the environmental protection and to have minimum effect on environment, the data centre will use 100 percent recycled water for cooling and other critical operations and in the new data center more renewable energy will be used like solar energy and wind energy. Currently, 35 percent of Google’s global power needs are met by renewable energy, but they are planning to increase it to 100 percent, making and proving to be an environment friendly company.

The Google investment in Singapore will not only be beneficial to the company itself, but will ensure citizens of Singapore more jobs, new business opportunities and more stable economy.