New Technology Challenges for Marketers (and How to Tackle Them)

Here we have rounded up the challenges for marketers in coming months.

In this ever changing digital world, it is essential for marketers to keep pace with the technology. But it can’t be denied that embracing new technology can be exhausting and frustrating as well for most of the businesses. Every single day is marked with the release of new tool and technology claiming to solve the problems. Ironically, they make the problem complicated in most of the cases.

Frustrating marketersThis is because of the following reasons (as cited by Tech Research Asia in its reports revealing the frustration for marketers when it comes to embracing new technology):

  • Lacking access and support for using newer technologies
  • IT department is not able to provide support
  • It’s difficult to seek information from data.

Besides, marketing departments have to understand their target audience, rapidly react to the price competition plans and come up with the compelling content.

What are the Popular Marketing Tools?

So, what tools are important for marketers? According to the study, email is the popular marketing tool while CRM just comes next to it. Over the past few years, mobile devices and smartphones have become the part of the marketing strategies. The least used tools are customer facing mobile apps, customer facing websites and content management systems.

What Will Be Crucial for Marketers in Next 12 to 24 months?

The Tech Report Asia has found that CRM can be the key trend setter in next 12 to 24 months. It means that marketers should identify and address the potential issues by promoting a program of engagement and observation. CRM should be coupled with customer facing apps, websites and automation tools irrespective of all industries. A marketer should know how he can take the advantage of the cognitive services.

This can be integrated with the latest technology like chatbots and virtual assistance. The report has said that 40% of Singapore’s marketing leaders have found AI useful and impactful.