How to Protect Your Browsers from Hackers and Virus

Browser can be a soft target for the hackers. Safeguard it now with these simple tips.)

A web browser is the gateway to the online world of the Internet. And it’s equally true that this gateway is always prone to cyber-crimes. Hackers and cyber attackers explore the weakness to get their hands on the code, tools sets and programming of the web browsers.

Browsers from Hackers and VirusSimply put, hackers look for the vulnerabilities of web browser to access important information. And you never know when it occurs. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared beforehand with safe browsing habits. Here are some important things to safeguard your browser.

Avoid Using Internet Explorer Anymore:

No hard feeling for Internet Explorer. Microsoft has stopped upgrading Internet Explorer as of 2016. It clearly means that it would lack important security features, making it an easy targets for today’s sophisticated hackers. Replace it with more secure, more advanced browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. These browsers update on their own, and come with advanced security features and pop-up blockers.

Clear the Clutter:

Make sure to remove cache, browser history, and cookies frequently. This is because they may slow down your browser.

Install Anti-Virus:

It goes without saying that you need antivirus to prevent malicious content get into your PC. Operating the web without quality antivirus is just like driving the car without seatbelt.

Be Careful While Storing Passwords in Your Browser:

As we have said that browser is always on the radar of the hackers, storing passwords is an open invitation for them to access your data. Just type chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar of Chrome and you get all the list of saved password. It would be equally easy for the hackers to know them. Use password management tools like Lastpass or Keypass while storing passwords in your browser.

With the help of these steps, you can have a secure browsing experience. Share your thoughts with us by commenting below…