How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online

These tips will help you keep your personal info safe to minimize the risks of cyber incidents.)

The risk of a cyber-incident is high in activities like online shopping, sharing personal information, using online storage like cloud and operating over a Wi-Fi network. The last thing you should worry about is a virus or malware. If you fall prey to cyber-attack, you may end up losing your personal information like credit card details, bank info, and other confidential data.

Keeping your personal information safe can minimize the risk of identity theft. Here’s how…

How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe OnlineAvoid Opening Links or Attachments:

One of the best ways for a cybercriminal to trick people into clicking on links supposedly from their utility company, bank, and other legitimate organizations. Therefore, think before you click. Look for spelling errors and email addresses that don’t seem appropriate.

Or it is better to call the organization or your friend to confirm before clicking.

Use Complex and Unique Passwords:

Passwords like ABCD, 1234 or something built around your Date of Birth are easy to crack. They are a cakewalk for a hacker. Therefore, the passwords should be composed of lower and upper case letters, symbols and numbers. And don’t use the same password for all accounts.

Back-up Your Data:

If your PC is infected by malware, ransomware or it crashes, the way to ensure that you will restore your lost data is by backing it up and doing it regularly. It will be also useful if you misplace or accidentally delete something.

Opt for Up to Date Internet Security Package:

Having an Internet security package is more than a luxury in today’s era of sophisticated cyber-attacks. It is useful in preventing malicious software from installing on your system.

Prefer HTTPS over HTTP:

Make sure the website you are on is safe and its URL starts with HTTPS, not HTTP. Don’t provide your information to the website that has typographical errors or the one that looks malicious.