Cloud Solutions for Small Business

Cloud computing has proven a boon for the small businesses in Singapore. These businesses are increasingly shifting to cloud solutions for its many benefits like not having to deploy resources for physical IT infrastructure like e-mail servers, storage systems, and all other kinds of IT software and hardware.

With the added advantage of anywhere and anytime availability, cloud solutions means a more hassle free collaboration with all business partners, employers and all other stakeholders.

Amateur entrepreneurs can now access the most sophisticated technology, without needing the help of IT consultants and hire tech teams in permanent payroll. With its many advantages and a few pitfalls, here’s what you should know about cloud computing for business:

Save spending on IT infrastructure

Technology is indispensible for the effective performance of any organization, but small business might have to spend huge chunks if they choose conventional technology for running their business. Money is needed for hiring and supporting an IT team; you spend money on software and hardware, and also on the up gradation of these systems.

By availing clouding solutions, all this extra money can be saved. Yes, cloud services also come at a price, but it is much lower in comparison.

Consolidation of all applications into a single multi-application

Storing data in different application always comes with the fear of losing its backup in case of a failure of software crash. But, with cloud services many applications can be consolidated, used more conveniently, without the fear of losing them. Take for example Google Apps for business- it includes email, a calendar, Google Docs, presentations, etc.

Better application management

The integration of applications and their updation has become far easier with cloud technology. Computing applications include an application programming interface that finds compatible applications, without you spending money on their customization.

Anytime and anywhere access

Whether you’re sitting in the botanic garden of Singapore, or sun basking on the Marine bay, you can use any device that has an internet connection, including your smartphone and tablets to access your small business servers from anywhere in the world. Cloud servers can be accessed on Windows or Linux based operating systems.

Cloud Monitoring

The cloud allows you to share data across networks, so in case one server crashes, the other one takes up the task. There are a number of servers on which data is shared simultaneously, and the reason why monitoring the data realizably becomes far more convenient.

Get started with your small business immediately

It’s lot easier for anyone to sign up for cloud computing than setting up a server. First you purchase the server, install software, relegate instructions to all employees about its use, even hire IT services from an external party. With cloud computing, you pay a little amount for the services, and get started immediately, without having to delve into the technicalities of using software and hardware

Cloud Security

The one thing that most small businesses are concerned about is cloud security. Many entrepreneurs shy from sharing information on the internet, for fear of it being accessible through several sources. However, most computing vendors do have the latest and the most sophisticated data security systems that offer reliable security against data theft. In fact security hassles on company servers can be far more adverse than sharing data on the cloud serves, as the cost of the former is much higher.

So, in conclusion one can say that cloud computing offers great opportunity for small businesses to off-load their IT costs. Of course your apprehensions about security are a major concern, but this too can be managed. Businesses can take up shifting of applications on the cloud server gradually, only after ensuring nothing goes wrong with the earlier ones.