X-as-a-service (XaaS): The Future of Cloud Computing

Everyone familiar with cloud computing is also aware of the most commonly used cloud services today – Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Platform-as-a-Service. Although each of these three forms of cloud services is uniquely efficient, it is true that the overall structure of the cloud is going to change in the future due to ever-increasing requirements within virtually all industries.

But, what will this future look like? Experts already have an expression for the future cloud – X-as-a-Service (XaaS). At least this is how they are loosely defining the cloud of the future.
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Here’s what XaaS is all about and why we need to accept it as the future of cloud computing:

X-as-a-Service – An Introduction

X-as-a-Service (XaaS) is basically an overview for future cloud computing. We can define it as a smartly designed package of cloud services anticipated to relocate the delivery of commodity IT services. A good example of XaaS is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).

In terms of the adoption and execution of XaaS within different industries in near future, experts from the IT and Technology Industry observe XaaS as a:

  • Unprompted evolution of the market for professional, high-efficiency cloud computing services.
  • Definite entity of natural market behavior that is driven by rapidly changing and increasing business requirements
  • Effective way for surviving and thriving in the extremely competitive market of future

What XaaS is Capable of Offering in Terms of Innovation?

As expected, future providers of XaaS services are going to be specializing in everything including design, marketing, assembly, and preservation of products. This is why XaaS consumers will be highly motivated to invest more in a single product or service with one price and foolproof performance. Also, they will be able to buy all XaaS products on a subscription basis or in some cases even within little or no initial capital investments!

How You Can Expect XaaS to Support Your Business  

XaaS can be expected to come out as a product that is capable of displacing commodity services, which are currently delivered by the corporate IT sector. In that case, commodity services imply to the basic IT services that customers are taking from IT companies.

Opposite to that, the structure and work mechanism of XaaS will be handier, more productive and cost-effective compared to existing IT services.

Above all, business using XaaS will be able to:

1. Manage their time, manpower and capital investments astutely in order to achieve higher ROIs.

2. Understand that it’s no use investing too much of time, money and endeavor on business processes that add no or negligible value to the organization. The best example of such investments is regular, expensive maintenance of an email system.

3. Compete with professional IT support providers after having their own separate IT departments supported by XaaS.