Windows 10 Technical Preview: An Attempt to deliver the best!

With Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft desires for an evaluation copy of their new build up from the enterprise users. This amazing test version proffers a chance to the business to try it out how this new updated version fits to their routines.

Windows 10

The feedback will ideally help Microsoft to integrate the best features into their final product in order to meet the every need of their customers. Here are some facts you need to be aware of, while starting with the testing process.

1. Get set for the raw and buggy build-up:

With the new operating system, the company desires to have the testers’ feedback in advance so that they can carry out the development process successfully.

Before you start with the testing process, you need to know that there might be some unexpected PC crashes, which can damage or even delete your files. Also, your hardware devices like printers, scanners, etc. might not work properly due to installation problems. So, you need to update or reinstall several applications and peripherals for testing Windows 10 Technical Preview. Along this, there are some essential criteria’s like minimum 16GB of free hard disk space, 1GHz or faster processor, 1GB RAM (32-bit version) or 2GB RAM (64-bit version) etc.

2. Think before you apply:

The main aim behind launching these pre-release versions of the OS is that the company is keenly interested in hearing back regarding what is not good, something not working, how to improvise and so forth. If you fear of expressing your opinion, it is seriously none of your business. With this, be free to allow Microsoft poke around the system. In case you face any problem, the company is likely to examine the system files.

3.  Rolling back will surely not be a cakewalk

In any case, if you don’t wish to continue with testing of Windows 10 then returning back is not as easy. For those who wish to revert, need to reinstall the previous Windows OS. If it is not possible, then the users of Windows 7 and Vista need to create a recovery disk using a recovery partition.