Why Apixel is the Best IT Service in Singapore for Your Specialty Medical Practice

Gone are the days when specialty clinics did just fine by securing licensed software for handling scheduling and billing. Back then, doctors or healthcare professionals just needed to make a phone call to the software company to have an issue fixed. Today, there’s not just one software application or few computer systems that are required to be up and running at all times in a clinic, big or small.
IT consultancy service provider in Singapore

Practice administrators & Healthcare Professionals do not ignore IT Anymore

While an internet service provider can certainly help look into connectivity related issues, it is not going to fix Wi-Fi security issues or configure secure LAN sharing for you. Multiple software, operating systems, phone apps, computer systems, healthcare software etc. have created a separation and therefore, the management cannot just reply on service providers or software vendors. Having dedicated IT managed service provider looking after the health of your Information Technology system is therefore a must.

The Complaints you’ll never have with Apixel

Best IT Service in SingaporeSeveral medical practices, dairy businesses, restaurants and educational institutions in Singapore have entrusted a multitude of their computing needs to Apixel and we’ve always lived up to the reputation we have among our customers. Since we’ve been in the business for over 9 years now, we’ve been keen on making sure none of our customers has complaints such as:

When you call the support center number, not one person gets back to you on time.

We provide both on-site and report IT support and if there’s an IT related issue at your end, we’ll make sure our software engineers get working on it immediately.

When you report a problem in your hospital’s IT system, IT support guys come over half a dozen times to fix one problem and bill you hundreds of dollars each time.

It happens because many specialty clinics have signed up with companies providing IT support at the age-old per-hour-service model. There’s a clear case of conflict and many companies try to increase ‘man hours.’ With Apixel, you are given a fixed price service. Regardless of how many problems there or how often, we will be by your side each time.

IT consultant or engineer you speak to each week is a different person.

We assign one dedicated account manager to each one of our customers. So, if you run a specialty clinic in Singapore, your manager or executive would be communicating all issues, ideas etc. to one of our account managers. We track all communication and monitor the service quality.

Apixel Can be Your Medical Practice’s Virtual IT Department

We can recommend solutions, implement rock-solid technological systems and even build your IT system from scratch. As a managed IT service provider, we essentially become your virtual IT service department.

Staff members at Apixel do not handle multiple roles. Each person is assigned a fixed role and made accountable for delivery of high end service to you.

Dial +65) 6639 1839 and speak to an expert. We’d be glad to answer any question you might have about your medical practice’s IT support and maintenance related needs.