Top technology challenges for 2015

Here are top technological challenges that organizations will have to consider in the coming year.

cyber security

Internet of things (IoT)

Smarter devices have become a common site off late. Companies are embedding sensors into their products to create a community. The information from the sensors is then collected to gain information about customers.

Mobile payment

While music and hotel industries have already been shoved backwards by Spotify and Airbnb respectively. Now, with stores and ecommerce site beginning to accept mobile payments, banking services are going to take a hit.

Mobile business expansion

With wearable technology and the advancement of mobile devices, the organizations face challenge to consistently create products to enhance customer experience across various mobile platforms.

Big Data analysis

Drawing meaningful insights from an avalanche of data through analytics has been a tough task for experts this year, and finding professional with analytic skills to analyze more and more of big date is going to be a big challenge in 2015.


With hackers ever prevalent, cyber security is another big challenge that organizations are going to face in the coming year.