Top 8 Helpdesk Software for 2022

Customer service has become the turning point in business and most businesses are investing heavily in it. Whether you are a startup or a large company, giving your customers the driver’s seat is essential for you. While it is important to focus on customer service, but it’s also essential to invest money in the customer journey, experience, and loyalty. Each of these aspects has a different path and is not the same. Understanding the difference in the customer journey, customer experience, and customer loyalty is essential Helpdesks.

It also allows you to understand how customers are trying to contact you and ways to respond immediately.

All customers want an immediate answer to their questions.

That’s why it is essential to implement robust help desk software to keep track of all customer questions on a single platform. With so many help desk tools available on the market, we offer you a hand covering the best help desk software to consider in 2022.

First of all, here is a simple definition of helpdesk software.

Helpdesks are tools that are used in customer service centres and that use different technological and human resources to manage incident tickets and resolve user problems or doubts.

They are also especially useful when combined with other software for call centres or customer service centres.

The List of Best Helpdesk Software for 2022:


Zendesk Support is undoubtedly the best-known Helpdesks software. It is a complete tool that allows the company to communicate with customers through any channel.

It not only helps to resolve customer incidents but also gives agents the best tools to carry out their work effectively. In addition, it is a customer service software that adjusts to any type of business and is perfectly scalable.

It has 5 plans, the Essential is the cheapest but it has more advanced versions: Team, Professional, Enterprise and Elite.


Intercom is a messaging tool that can be installed on web pages or customer service, and that allows real-time communication with users or customers.

Its best-known application is Intercom Engage, which consists of a real-time chat for web pages or apps, but with some functions that make it more visually pleasing and adapted to new times (such as the possibility of using emoticons). It integrates with two other tools, Intercom Respond (help centre) and Intercom Educate (to upload manuals).

Its only downside is that its price is perhaps somewhat high although you can request a free trial.


FreshDesk is a free Helpdesk software that incorporates almost all the functions of a paid program, including the possibility of being used by an unlimited number of agents.

Among the most outstanding functions of this tool are the establishment of different communication channels, automating tasks, analyzing the service provided by the agents, etc.

It offers a scalable business solution. You can start with your free plan and expand it as your business grows. Also, you can try all paid versions for free.

Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk is, according to its creators, the first help service that allows serving users according to the context of the incidents. It offers all the solutions so that the user can solve their doubts or problems quickly and automatically.

It has tools for both clients and agents and business managers. It allows metric analysis, integration with other applications in a synchronized way and, ultimately, increase agent productivity. It is a paid HelpDesk software, but you can request a free demo.


It is software created in 2009 to offer the best B2B solutions and for solving customer incidents. It comes with useful features such as customer management, ticket creation and resolution, product or inventory control, performance analysis or tools for 24/7 self-support of users.

Help Scout:

Help Scout is a help desk that allows multi-channel support, offer real-time responses to customers, identify the most important or recurring customers, send notifications of interest to all users, or resolve incidents through a personal chat.

In addition, it can be integrated with a large number of programs or applications, for example, Slack, Shopify, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Woocommerce or Jira. It is paid, but it is possible to access a free trial of the product.

Teamwork Desk:

Another of the best Helpdesk programs is Teamwork Desk, a software that allows you to centralize communications, increase transparency and focus on customer satisfaction.

It is a technological solution that fulfils the key functions like ticket creation and resolution, facilitating the work of agents, identifying areas of excellence or those that need improvement and offering the necessary help documents so that customers can resolve their queries.

Like most of the programs on this list, it is paid software, although a free trial version can be downloaded.


The last on our list (although not the worst) is this free Helpdesks software called Spiceworks. It can be installed on a local computer network, although it requires little initial configuration or maintenance.

It allows you to carry out interesting tasks such as sharing tickets, auto assigning incidents to the experts of the corresponding department or managing multiple clients.

It also has a free version for mobile phones, called the Spiceworks HelpDesks Mobile App.