Top 5 Things you should be doing to maintain your Computer

Do you rely on computers for your work? Does your work get affected when your computers do not work properly? Do you scream at them when they don’t? Everyone does!

maintain your computer

Here’s a few ways to keep your computer running efficiently into its old age. Although, these tips cannot promise to keep your computer from having problems ever, but will help prevent them and make recovery easier when they do occur, for sure.

1. Clean up your software

Check through the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ (>control Panel) interface every month. If there’s any unusable software, remove it. This includes stuff like triple for browser toolbars, free games, etc. However, be a little cautious as some system drivers appear in this list, and can cause hardware to stop working if you uninstall them.

2. Clean up your OS

Even after being an efficient operating system, Windows sometimes needs attention. It stores a large amount of needless information, often in the form of ‘temporary’ files lists of recently performed searches, and similar. You can us programs like CCleaner that will clean most of the unwanted data automatically.

3. Defragment

It’s good to defragment your drives. Defragmentation organizes your files that lead to faster disk access times and better system performance. Although, the Windows’ default defragmenting tool (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter) works quite well, yet there’s a list of open source and commercial defragmenting software available on Wikipedia to use.

4. Back up your data

Have you taken the back up your system? It’s a good practice to back up your data as emergencies can arise anytime leading to your data loss. Scheduling your back or automatic data backup options can be significant for you. Think about it! Go create a backup today.

5. Update everything

Check for the updates of your hardware and software, regularly. This includes running Windows Updates, checking for updated drivers, and checking for software patches. If you’ve been facing problems with any hardware or software, be sure to check for updates.

Maintain your data

Bonus Tip: If you lack time to follow all these ways on your own, simply hire a good IT service and Support Company to help you maintain your IT systems.