Top 5 Technologies That Have Changed the Way You Live!

Post-2000s can be termed as the golden era of technological innovations which were barely an idea decade ago. We have drones, a car without man, 3D technology, machine learning, wearable, smartphones, smart homes and many more that are transforming our life.

 Top 5 Technologies That Have Changed the Way You Live!

Let’s see which innovation has made up on our list of life-changing technologies.

Perovskite Solar Cells:

Perovskite solar cells can produce more energy than their silicon counterparts. As an added bonus, they are cheaper and long lasting than the prevailing solar cells. With these incredible specifications, Perovskite solar cells can encourage people to switch to the clean and renewable energy option.

Autonomous Vehicles:

Well, you have to wait few years to watch them running on your near streets. But you can’t underwrite their role in improving mobility, decreased crashes and fuel efficiency.  The autonomous cars have the potential to reduce the car ownership and promote the self-riding. Plus, these self-driving cars don’t consume parking spaces as they just drop passengers and return to their special parking lots. Therefore, bringing them to mainstream means less pollution, more space and improving savings.

Mobile Wallets:

No more worries of leaving your wallet at home while dining at restaurant or shopping. You have a peace of mind in all transactions when you have a mobile wallet, a technology to store your credit card/debit card info in virtual form on your smartphone. In this way, you can easily pay with a mobile wallet, which is like swapping a card with your smartphone.

Smart Homes:

Home Smart Home! Smart homes are equipped with smart locks, automated lighting systems, web-connected cameras and smart curtains. All you need to swap your smartphone or dedicated device to make them function, even you are sitting miles away from your home. Now forgetting AC running at home or leaving the door opened will soon be history with the smart homes.

Organs on Chips:

Organs on Chips may sound weird but actually it can be breakthrough for drug industry. These chips mimic the human organs that can be used for clinical trials to replace animal testing, thereby saving animal lives. Organs on Chips technology is helpful to test the safety of cosmetics, chemicals, drug testing on tissues and developing new vaccines and drugs.

So, these are our picks for top technologies that are changing our lives. Well, there may be many more! But one thing is for sure, all these innovations are making our life easy and comfortable than before.