Top 5 IT Services Tips For Small Businesses

In today’s technology driven times, it is not only big business corporations like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Mercedes that need IT services, but small companies are also constantly in need of top class solutions for improving their day-to-day operations using managed IT solutions.

But, because small businesses have to be very cautious about spending their limited resources on purchasing IT services, here we’ve listed tips on hiring the most essential IT services you will definitely need for smooth business operations.

Fast Internet Connection

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SME requires fast Internet connection for providing real time information to their employees. Downloading large files and sending documents via FTP need to be quick. Installing high broadband connection at your site also allows employees to work on multiple on-line applications at the same time. Today videoconferencing is an essential requirement and a broadband connection enables employees to connect with their peers using IP phones and hangouts.



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A super-fast internet not only offers enterprise email solutions, but also provides access to free storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. A reliable server is capable of handling large processes with first class data protection. An offline backup service also helps to assist small businesses to store their data for the purpose of disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery procedure is a complicated process. It may take several days to upload your data to servers and vice-versa. Advanced backup software can help small business firms to restore their services post crisis.


gmail Logo

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With a Gmail account, small business Companies can enjoy several additional services. The cloud services such as Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ hangouts can offer great benefits to growing businesses. Email, Calendar and contact services that are stored in Cloud space can be accessed via Smartphone. It provides mobility to small company owners as they can process the data while on the move. Google docs service offers a great flexibility for employees working in a team from different locations.

Get the Right IT Support

IT Support

Having contract with local IT Services Company you trust not only helps to maintain your IT infrastructure, but also helps to deploy IT solutions that are beyond your skill-set. So, when checking for an IT managed Service Company, it is best to check testimonials in advance in order to get the right IT support services.

Use Cloud Offerings

Cloud Computing

Instead of paying up huge licensing fees for proprietary software, a small business can opt for cloud platform. Under Cloud model, software services are provided on a rental model. This not only helps to control costs, but also prevent your data from network intruders. A Cloud service automatically encrypts your confidential data and isolates it from others. So, there is no question of data theft from malware attacks or hackers.