Top 5 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leading enterprises are effectively collaborating with their global clients through successive SaaS adoptions. By incorporating various cloud services with the help of IT service companies, nearly half of the business firms with ongoing SaaS initiatives are achieving competitive advantage over their industry peers. They’re able to enrich customer experience, improve delivery time and accelerate their market base. Advanced insights are available to businesses who embraced SaaS based cloud services early.


Here’re the top five benefits of broad SaaS adoption:

1. Act in Real Time:

SaaS enhances a firm’s capability to address critical issues even during the production stage before results of a production process actually affect customers.

It helps organizations to gain visibility inside application flows which are difficult to spot, otherwise. SaaS saves time as the software is already deployed at server end. An application is ready to use the moment you sign up for SaaS from a reputed IT services vendor in Singapore.

This reduces the upfront issues/ tech glitches which are common at the time of application deployment at your end. With dedicated Singapore IT support available, there’re absolutely no hiccups!

For a SaaS application, installation means just having a browser connected to the Internet and your login credentials fed at other hand. With SaaS, you need not worry about underlying hardware/software upgrades, since all such issues are maintained on server end.

2Saves Cost:

SaaS services operate under a rental model where the clients have different service authorizations against the fee paid. SMBs need not to purchase product licenses for entire hardware/software resources under such pay-per-usage model. Maintenance costs are reduced to a great extent as well because the cloud environment is solely owned by service vendors.

3. Risk Mitigation:

With SaaS, risk associated with day-to-day activities is mitigated by a great margin and more so when an organization has an IT services partner offering round the clock IT support. A SaaS service offers advance visibility as far as UX is concerned; it helps you to gain the much needed certainty which is necessary for any SMB.

4. Scalable yet Compatible:

A SaaS application enables all its users to get access to the latest software version and upgraded server hardware. Newly upgraded applications are compatible with all range of hardware or software resources including the web browser installed on a client machine. So, the client is capable of exploring all computational power available at server side while at the same time gain access to advance application features. The vendor is solely responsible for carrying out software migrations which otherwise may take weeks or months to install.

5. Ease of Use:

Using Internet is now the second nature of people, worldwide. As SaaS applications can be accessed through a web browser, it gets easy for SMB owners to reap the cloud benefits. This means that a business owner requires a little training before deploying SaaS services. On-premise software services such as SaaS are easy to subscribe as flexible operating rules suit a variety of needs.

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