Three Companies Whose Journey With Cloud Proves That It Is For Everybody

There isn’t a lot in common between the pharmaceutical industry and the educational system of a country, if you have to draw parallels on any level between the two. But actually there is one.

Cloud computing has reached everywhere and even in industries as diverse as the two just mentioned it has become more than just a bit part player. In fact in certain domains and cases alike it is even pushing the previously laid boundaries to achieve higher levels.

It has therefore grown out of the IT departments, or basically IT aligned companies. Randomly distant sectors that have only gotten used to technology in the past few years are warming to the touch of Cloud. Business, of any nature where investment followed by profit or loss is included, has found in Cloud something or other they had always been searching for. Take for example the following three companies that started their journey with cloud:

The Hartford

The Hartford

The company has transformed the way its IT architecture is aligned. The introduction of a new private cloud as re-energized part of its growth principles of for mutual funds, property and group benefits. Leveraging capabilities that cloud computing possesses inherently, the company aims at cutting costs, improving their business continuity plans and bringing the product to the market, faster than before.



Delhaize America, operator of food chains like Food Lion, Bottom Dollar grocery and Hannaford have incorporate Big Data analytics into their business structure to study the effect of local weather patterns on their sales. The indigenous step by a grocery chain nonetheless has led to some interesting revelations.  As part of these revelations, the dealer discovered that during summers the sale of certain grilling meats fell below the general quota, but the sale of magazines increases. This type of insight is already helping the company plan its inventory, sales, and staffing better than before.   SoftLayer cloud injected into the existing IT infrastructure, the company managed to get the whole system running in a couple of weeks: the profits of which they are soon to en-cash.



Pearson delivers education to the world, and Cloud is revolutionizing the way it approaches the process. Pearson has now installed a more global and flexible infrastructure, based along the lines of hybrid principles, that have in turn freed other resources. The bonus of free resources can thus be implemented in learning projects that can be more profitable on the learner’s side. The change in system has brought about a shift in the company’s reach: as now it can target distant markets like China and Africa. The company is also on track to engage in a digital only way, that is now a global order of sorts.

The journey these companies have undertaken and the considerable amount of surprise to some (as in the case with a grocery store) it may have caused, the preliminary results are already proving the doubters wrong.