Technology trends that’ll contribute to the way we live in 2015

The role of IT currently is being driven by the ever changing needs of the enterprises and the continuously rising expectations of the end user. Owing to which, almost every operation is now dependent on IT. Workers in enterprises are yearning for a mobile and connected world, while customers demand a responsiveness, web support and cloud applications.

Technology Trends in 2015

Image  Credits: OpposingNews

Given the need to IT, there are a few trends that will contribute to the way we lead our lives in 2015.

  • Growing demand for bimodal IT

The every changing business models and with introduction of new technologies, organizations are being forced to consider digital transformation in work practice. Since, digital transformation is guided by IT infrastructure, enterprises are venturing into bimodal IT, a system which allows companies to innovate on the edge while operating from within the legal system. This practice is giving rise to hybrid models wherein experts are working on ways to optimize available resources within normal expenses and with complete performance.

  • Humanization of IT departments

IT plays a critical role in revenue generation, and enterprises have understood the same. But still there is a gap between the level of IT services required and the actually IT services delivered by the IT departments. So, there is need for change in the way IT services are delivered. For this workers need to be provided with more than a slick interface to work on. They should be provided with devices they can work on from anywhere at any time with all the content, knowledge and integrated services.

  • Consumerization of technology

Dependence on mobile devices is increasing by the day and smartphones are a single most used connected device. Thus, in the process of thinking of digital transformation; enterprises need to consider security of business applications. These applications also need to be quick and should never fail in the mobile environment.

  • Moving into the cloud

Most enterprises have developed initial cloud strategy and it’s reflected in the way enterprises are handling large amounts of data without fail. While most enterprises are using external cloud services, there are others that are venturing into more sophisticated next-gen cloud models to satisfy all their business requirements.