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SOC as a Service: Definition, Advantages and How to Choose

SOC-as-a-service, also known as SOC as a service, is a subscription-based service to manage and monitor your clouds, network, devices, and logs. It offers the skills and knowledge to deal with cybersecurity threats. Generally, the primary goal of a SOC is to identify and prioritize cybersecurity incidents that could negatively affect your data. In SOC as a Service, you outsource your cybersecurity to a third party or SOC vendors. This way, you can minimize the need to hire in-house cybersecurity experts to handle advanced cybersecurity threats.

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15 Best Cybersecurity Tips to Avoid Hackers and Malware

The internet is filled with false connexions, malware, and ransomware. Data leaks are getting increasingly common, and unsuspected consumers are more susceptible than ever before.

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Remote Work and Cyber Security: How to Overcome the Risks

The world is under the threat of COVID 19 pandemic, forcing many organizations to switch to remote work. Apart from flexibility, working from home comes with the concern of cybersecurity. This is because not all remote employees have strong cybersecurity measures like the antivirus in place. Top of that, some of them might not be aware of the basic protection. It is the golden opportunity for the threat actors looking to exploit the slight vulnerabilities. And hacking the data from a soft target like a home PC is like a low hanging fruit for them.

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How to Work Over Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Most small businesses have a cybersecurity strategy that doesn’t go beyond antivirus. That’s might be efficient somewhere in the 1990s. But that is not enough to stop today’s sophisticated attacks. In other words, today’s threats can easily outwit your basic antivirus. Top of that, the digital world is already plagued with ever-increasing cyber incidents.

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