Smart Tips to secure your Smartphone from the Hackers

Modern smartphones are powerful devices, enabling users the ability to store their important data, make purchases online and even perform banking transactions.

Secure your smartphone

However, with the increase in services our smartphones offer, there has also increased the chances for the hackers to hack your smartphone and steal your confidential information.

Hence, we all need to take sensible steps to ensure our smartphones are safe from malware attacks and cyber criminal.

  1. Don’t Open Emails Form Unknown SourcesHackers usually spread their malware by sending e-mails with attachments containing malicious codes. While such e-mails can sound innocent, the attachments along could potentially infect your smartphone destroying the entire data.
  2. Install Anti-Virus Protection in your Phones – When in doubt for malware in your smartphone, run an anti-virus app that will check for variants of malware. However, experts believe that if users practice safe surfing habits like not clicking on suspicious links and avoid downloading unauthorized apps, anti-virus software isn’t a necessity for them.
  3. Avoid clicking Pop-Up AdsThis is yet another way hackers spread their malicious content. When a user clicks on a pop-up ad, they may be redirected to a website that downloads malware onto the phone.
  4. Do not Install Apps from Unknown Sources other than the App Store– For those users who often download apps from unknown sources, their phones are likely to be attacked by viruses and malware. Therefore, if you want to stay safe and refuse access to third-party apps, simply refuse permissions to install them.For this, follow these steps:
    GO to Settings ->Security -> Unchecked “Unknown Sources: Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store”
  5. Opt for One-Time Passwords to be Generated by a security token than receiving them by via SMS Security tokens are harmless as they are isolated devices that are not under the scope of malware. They may be troublesome, but if hackers do not have access to the OTPs, their transactions cannot go through.

Be alert when it comes to using smartphones. A little carelessness can cost you lot of trouble.