Smart Nation Will Be the Next Goal For Singapore

When Singapore’s first Prime Minister had declared to make Singapore a metropolis within 10 years after it separated from Malaysia in 1965, no one believed him. Years later, the entire world watched that happen!

This time, the 3rd Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong aspires to make Singapore a Smart Nation. And there is no doubt it’s going to happen when the time comes.

Smart Nation Will Be the Next Goal For Singapore

Integrating information technology, networks and data, the government is looking to fundamentally transform Singaporeans’ daily living and future via the Virtual Singapore Project.

Smart Nation Programme Office under the Prime Minister’s Office would be the coordinating body between Singaporeans, government and businesses to execute this smart-nation vision. Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Vivian Balakrishnan will oversee the Smart Nation Programme Office, with the PM himself keeping a close eye on the developments.

The government plans to build the infrastructure, facilitate innovation and create the framework for all to contribute in making Singapore a smart nation. Improving cyber security, with an encouraging environment to experiment and innovate will also be made available for the students to enhance their skills.
The PM also expressed his desire for the Infocomm Development Authority, to look for new solutions and seek new applications to solve existing problems.