Sky – Making Big Data an Economically Sustainable Reality

With the recent trend of Cloud-based data storage system finding widespread acceptance with users, Sky Company too has shifted on to the Cloud. The company is using Cleversafe’s object-based storage solution in the UK for its private Cloud platform to host large amounts of unstructured data – including video, audio, documents, backups and more.

Cloud-based data To manage its multiple petabytes of data, Sky built a storage platform, which is highly scalable and cost efficient.

The head of Sky enterprise expressed joy at his company’s ability to create the Cleversafe’s platform with its maturity and scalability. As data grows, it becomes harder to make accessibility a reality in an economically sustainable way. So, their new model not only helps in storing large data with ease, but also supports to lower data centre TCO without comprising the services offered.

Sky has patented Cleversafe’s dispersed erasure coding method that houses data in virtualized and encrypted format across devices. This will eliminate the need for costly data replication.

The company also recently signed a deal to test its internet TV services using the CloudTest platform from SOASTA. Cloud Test will be used to ensure Sky’s various digital viewing platforms like Sky Go and Now TV can handle the fluctuations in traffic.