Singapore Should Leverage Collaboration Technology

Singapore is one such developing nation that has been looking ways and manifesting them to mark its stand globally, in almost every field. And this time, research says that Organizations in Singapore should emphasize collaboration technology to improve their economic position.


Organizations are already using collaboration technologies for various purposes, emphasizing more on supporting regional operations and engaging with workforces, associates and customers across the region.

As per the company’s 2016 Connected Enterprise Report shows that about 70% of the organizations surveyed in Singapore have a definite collaboration strategy and that about half of these organizations have a strategic divergence by business unit.

Apart from improving employee productivity and teamwork, the research indicates that globally, more organizations are turning to collaboration to drive new revenue and sales,” said Nagi Kasinadhuni, general manager – Communications at Dimension Data Asia Pacific.

Productivity enhancement is the Prime Concern

The major concern for organizations here is to emphasize more on productivity improvement giving lesser importance to revenue and sales and accelerating decision making. The research reveals that about 32% of these organizations place improving productivity at the top.

Employees from organizations surveyed in Singapore proved to be more office based. 33% of the respondent said that they have never worked outside their offices.

Enterprises have had varying degrees of success when it comes to the improvements that the use of collaboration technology was intended to provide,” said Brian Riggs, principal analyst – Enterprise Services at research firm, Ovum. “But leveraging collaboration to improve competitiveness or streamline business processes can be a lot more complicated. It involves larger changes to how the company does business, and its role within its industry. These changes can take significant time and effort to achieve.

Organizations in Singapore use collaboration technologies mostly to support regional operations and engaging with employees, partners and customers across the region.