Send Anywhere – the fastest File Sharing App!

Easy, free and unlimited, safe and fastest – Send Anywhere is a new and amazing file-sharing app developed by a Korean Company Estmob.

With no required registration or logins or file size limits, the app can send files from any device, to any device, and on any major platform or web browser.

The app was launched last year 2014 and has won Tech in Asia’s inaugural Seoul pitch-off in May, earning the team a trip to Singapore.

Send Anywhere is a multi-platform, easy and secure file transferring software. The user can send unlimited number of files of any type.

Send Anywhere
Send Anywhere

image via: apple.vshare

Steps of Transferring File through Send Anywhere

You just need to transfer a file and a six-digit number. And… it takes a few simple clicks to send the file. Open the program, click the clickable “send,” chose and pick the files and tell the receiver a simple numerical key that expires after 10 minutes. The receiver on getting the key enters on his device, and the files transfer take place. If they need more time, users can also get a 24-hour public link that briefly puts the file on Send Anywhere’s server, where it can be shared with anyone.

But here are few App Issue

Jenik, managing general partner of KOISRA Seed Partners who has been working in IT security since 25 years, stresses that while Send Anywhere is a great business idea and easy to use, it’s a mistake for it to be branded as “secure.”

However, the developers of the app have given their verdicts emphasizing on the steps that have been taken to resolve the security issues. “File hijacking is one of the issues that we’ve been working to prevent, because it can happen, so we have been building preventing algorithms. So if a hijacker tried multiple rapid hacks, Send Anywhere’s algorithm can identify and block the requests by monitoring and blocking unusual IP address patterns, unique device IDs and request packet headers”.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Send Anywhere is a superfast, easy and simple app to use, but if you are concerned about privacy and safety, you need to take extra measures!