Reason Why Windows 10 is one the most secure Windows ever.

Windows 10 is “the most secure Windows ever”

Yesterday, Microsoft has released another video showcasing the amazing security benefits of Windows 10. And if you’re not an Insider check out the list below to see what it has to offer:

1. Windows Hello – Instead of remembering a myriad of passwords now Windows 10 can log in and access private data using fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and even iris scanning.

2. SmartScreen – This is the first line of defense against online phishing attacks and sites that try to steal identities and personal data. Using a cloud based reputation system, SmartScreen assesses websites and even software for potential threats.

3. Windows Defender – Using a cloud service it leverages data from one billion devices to detect and eliminate malware quickly.

4. Family features – With Windows 10, when an account is assigned to a child, it brings further safety features. These family features will block adult websites, control how long a child uses a device, block inappropriate apps and games, and deliver activity reports to the parent. And very soon, Microsoft will add the ability for parents to control the purchases made under a child account.

Hopefully, these features really will make it “the most secure Windows ever.” Watch the video below.

content via: winbeta