Proactive Support: New IT Support Model

Though professional IT support solutions have been around for years now, companies today are working on latest and more efficient ways to help businesses to assist their customers more proficiently. “Proactive Support” has been the buzz word that has recently triggered a lot of discussion in this regard!

IT Support

What Exactly Is Proactive Support Model?

The ultimate objective of proactive support is to make out and solve small IT issues before they turn into to bigger problems. Designed and implemented deftly, a proactive support policy is capable of root-eradicating problems quickly for customers.

It remains vital, however, to choose the right provider offering effective proactive customer services.

Apixel Proactive IT Support Features and Advantages

We at Apixel believe in preventing IT problems from occurring in the first place, instead of spending too much on fighting them on a later stage!

IT Support

To ensure guaranteed identification and prevention of common IT issues, we employ our tested preventive maintenance and monitoring support model. This helps us get rid of all prospective software and/or hardware issues before and also helps in eliminating any chances of serious deterioration and downtime in future. Plus, nothing beats this technique when it comes to saving both time and money in the long run.

You also get:

  • Unlimited Services at a Flat Fee

With us, you only need to pay a flat fee on monthly basis for unlimited services. Once you start using Apixel Proactive IT support services, you need not worry about exploding costs and security.

Since our first preference is customer satisfaction, we make sure you get the best possible quality services for which you are not charged extra based on repair time. No matter where you operate your business, we are here to resolve your IT issues at the earliest.

  • Quickest Possible Response

Our trained engineers will assist you through remote desktop support when a problem surfaces. Since we use latest technical and equipment, most of your issues are solved in a matter of few minutes only. No matter how complicated an issue at hand, our technicians will make it to your workplace as soon as possible and resolve the issue on the same day.