Proactive IT Support for Small Businesses in Singapore

We have been providing Information Technology support to small and medium scale businesses for many years now and understand full well how important it is to focus on the provision of proactive support services. Needless to say, we’ve hundreds of clients in Singapore today and most of our new prospective customers hear about us through word of mouth.Small Businesses in Singapore

Small businesses, regardless of the industry they’re operating in, are becoming increasingly dependent on the health of their workstations, network, data storage systems and cloud applications. Even a minor glitch on some occasions can translate into hours of lost man hours. So, it is more important than ever to take preventive steps to keep such glitches from happening.

That’s precisely what we do.

We run frequent tests to learn about potential vulnerabilities.

Very few business owners are aware of the fact that IT support services priced in accordance with the total time spent are actually in conflict with their duty towards a customer. Why would a business, run primarily for the motive of making profits take ‘preventive’ measures to keep one or more problems from coming around repeatedly? That’s one question that all business owners dealing with so-called cheap IT support companies in Singapore need to ask themselves.IT support services

Here at Apixel, we have implemented a fixed price model and results so far have been pretty good. It

Choosing us as your IT support partner means that we are here at all times to deal with any issue, small or big. The price, no matter how much efforts our engineers put in, is going to remain constant.

We know now that we need to take all steps necessary to ensure the health of backup systems, local area network, wireless network, cloud applications etc. It’s in the best interest of both the client and IT support service provider.

Our IT support engineers are always on the lookout for potential issues that can pop up. Monitoring is done both remotely and on-site. Potential hardware and software issues are checked and constantly monitored so as to avoid any down time.

No matter how hard we try, we know, there’re going to be occasions when it’s just impossible to predict and take preventive measures to fix some issues that are yet to show up. The best we can do is to ensure quick response. In most cases, our IT support engineers respond in as little as half an hour and start resolving the issue at hand immediately.

Since we provide unlimited IT support services at a flat fee, you can be assured of the fact that our support engineers will always be around to help you out.

We believe in providing genuine IT support services and that’s precisely the reason why we’ve such a vast client base in Singapore today. If you are wondering what possibly Apixel can do for you, feel free to get in touch!

You can make a phone call at +65 6639 1839 for a non-obligatory discussion or drop an email at

We’d like to hear from you and if you have time, explain in detail how our proactive IT support model is different from others in Singapore.