Paying homage to the founding father of modern Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew, who was born in the British Colonized Singapore, had experienced the toughest of times in Both the British and the Japanese occupation. Lee is recognized as the founding father of modern Singapore, has been credited as the sole person responsible for bringing Singapore out of the image of a third world country to the first world country status in just a single generation.

Lee Kuan Yew

After Lee passed away on 23 March 2015 of severe pneumonia, a grand funeral was carried out on 29 March and attended by many world leaders and thousands of commoners in Singapore. Lee, who was the prime minister of Singapore for 31 year, was widely respected for being the architect of Singapore’s prosperity.

At the funeral service, eulogies were read out for Lee, by many leaders including Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore and elder son of Lee Kuan Yew.

In his eulogy, Lee Hsien Loong paid his tribute to the exemplary leader attributed for transforming Singapore into an economic powerhouse that it has become today. Lee recalled how his father had spent long-hours working for the nation over the years. He said, “We have all lost a father. We have grieved as one people, one nation.”

Lee highlighted his father’s numerous initiatives he had taken for the betterment and well-being of Singapore and its natives. He talked about the water conservation in the State and how his father had worked all his life in order to build a united country wherein people respect each other without any bars of religion.