Now Enjoy Unlimited Streamless Music with Google Play

Giving more competition to Apple, Google has launched Google Play Music service before the Apple’s Music version release on 30th June. 

Google Play has announced its music play service at $9.99 per month subscription service for two years. Before this launch, the first free version of this streaming service will be launched on Tuesday. The current playlists are already available on the web and android. Also, the update for iOS is scheduled to come very soon by the end of the week.
Google Play

Free-Ad supported Radio Version:

Talking about the services of the Google Play Music, the app doesn’t track user’s location. Also, this free version doesn’t let a user to create its own playlist. Besides this, only while browsing the station parts of Play Music, you will encounter the ads. However, the Music locker portion still appears to be ad-free. On reaching to limited number of skips to avoid the ads, a tooltip will pop-up advising user to subscribe $9.99/month plan.


The free version of Google Play Music rolled out in the U.S. first and on the Web on Tuesday. Later this week, it will be released for Android and iOS devices. The entire preparations are done in the style of the new Google Play Music redesign that was launched last month. Big, full-bleed images and lots of cards are being used for everything.

Create your own Playlists

This free, ad-supported new version of Google Play Music is released to offer the ability to browse curated stations by various categories like decade, genre, and mood. Users can also tailor their station by favorite artist, album or even activity such as ‘having fun at work’.

Even the paid tier allows people build their own playlists, offline music access and without ads.

Analytics Say:

Google’s Elias Roman said that the number of their subscribers got more than doubled in 2014 compared to the last year. However, according to data analytics firm App Annie, their rivals like Pandora, Beats Music, and Spotify had more number of mobile download comparatively in 2014.

According to Google, millions of people open Google Play Music app each month, but most of them avoided the subscription service as they didn’t want to enter a credit card number. With the hope that more numbers of subscriptions would take place, the company launched the free service. They believe that the interested customers would sign up for the paid tier at $9.99 after trying out the free service.