NO Password! Use PhotoLogin to Access Your Account with Just a Snap

With the introduction of PhotoLogin by LogMeOnce, the typing and remembering of the password can be history. With PhotoLogin, you can use your snap as a password to sign into your online accounts. For that, you need to capture the photo of that same image by using your computer’s webcam. In other words, it is just a three-step game–Snap a picture, Approve the authentication request for an instant accessWithout typing the password. According to its maker’s claim, PhotoLogin can store all passwords which are protected by a picture.

NO Password! Use PhotoLogin to Access Your Account with Just a Snap

Credits: DigitalTrends

It is totally different from existing process, where a user receives the code via his mobile phone after typing the password. PhotoLogin is also different from the Facial Recognition technique as it captures the entire background of the snap, rather than focusing on your face or any special expression. You can capture the item near you if you don’t want to take a photo of yourself. The process takes few seconds and enables a user to access their account.

With PhotoLogin, you need to verify the photo. Besides making you free from memorizing passwords, it can put a check on the hacking practices of stealing passwords. On that, LogMeOnce CEO Kevin Shahbazi says, “Traditional passwords are risky, typically weak, and are more susceptible to be hacked or duplicated.” He further said, “By default, PhotoLogin adds a third factor of authentication, and lets users authenticate themselves to ensure that login information cannot be duplicated, making this feature one of the strongest layers of defense against hackers.

Generally, PhotoLogin Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Go to PhotoLogin icon on the LogMeOnce to take the picture of yourself or any item to reference your current location identifiable to you.
  • Your snap will be delivered to your mobile phone for your verification. You can find the relating info like IP address, location, and time by swiping over the snap.
  • Click “Allow”.

The photo will be discarded in 60 minutes and will be expired after the very first use like OTP. It is essential to keep your snaps unique every time. As Mike Shahbazi, CTO and President, said, “LogMeOnce recognizes objective data, which is a factual observation, measured data and point-of-view obtained through the photo’s presence, background, ambiance, shades, color, time, etc. The best part is, no one can duplicate your photo and it takes just seconds.