New and Trendy Features Of Windows 10

While the small glimpse of its astonishing features has raised the expectation of the users, windows is back in the news with something more interesting. It encompasses of all new features for a perfect browser experience, powerful PC gaming and much more down the line. And if reports are to believed Windows 10 is coming to your door soon. Recently, Microsoft uncovered the box of all ‘new consumer-focused features’. So, get set to work with the latest an operating system designed specifically to cater all your needs across a number of devices.

Windows 10

Microsoft has already announced some of the features like the Start Menu, the Action Center, condensed control panel, Modern UI PC settings and many others.  Now have a look at some of the new features, which assures you a smoother experience.



It sounds similar to something? Yes, it is the same Cortana digital assistant, present in Windows phone. Now Windows 10 will be available just next to ‘Start’ button in the desktop taskbar. Text and voice call queries are the mode of interaction, just like your windows phone.


Spartan as a brand-new browser

Another innovative and lightweight browser will include a note-taking mode, which allows you to mark a webpage and share it with others. This new browser brings forth an updated version of the stellar Reading Mode and also feature clipping tool to save the part of the website directly to OneNote. It makes easy for you to strip all the ads and sidebar crud out. Along this, you will be able to read the content offline too. To add more, Cortana is being integrated into Spartan so that you get the best user experience ever!



Microsoft is all set to boost the gaming experience too. And, the latest feature added for making  the gaming freaks more excited is the integrated Xbox capabilities into Windows 10. It will feature a complete package of SmartGlass. So, chatting with your Xbox Live pals, access to DVR clips, sharing  and commenting on the game clips will be a great fun.

Content Credits: PCWorld