Negative Effects of Technology on Singaporean Kids (And How to Deal with Them)

Learn here how technology affects the development and safety of your kids and how to deal with them.

Singaporean kids are tech savvier than their 90s counterpart. According to one survey, 60% kids in Singapore have smartphone. Another study says that 4.1 million Facebook users have the average age of 13. Then, one more study reveals that 12 years old spend over 6 hours daily on their devices.

This is why we are saying that today’s kids in Singapore know the technology better than those in the past generations.

Kids-And-Gadgets jpgTechnology has facilitated their learning, entertainment and interaction on the web. But these benefits come with trade-offs.

Kids are getting addicted to their video games, Internet and TV. Most of them don’t go outside to play. Their excessive involvement with the gadgets has shrunk the communication with their parents. It can’t be denied that tech-addicted kids are more prone to depression and tend to be aggressive and anxious.

Taking back their gadgets or ban them from playing video game is not a solution.

Here we will walk through the solutions to some major problems caused by technology for the kids.

Problem # 1: Excessive Screen Time Leads to Obesity:

Children who glue to their TV or video game screens are less likely to go outside. On the top of that, they crave for snacks while playing video games or watching TV. Consequently, the fat builds up in their body as they are less active, leading to obesity.


  • Limit their screen time. It shouldn’t be more than 2 hours.
  • Take them out to the parks or picnic.
  • Involve them in your household chores.

Problem#2: Shrinking Communication between Children and Their Parents:

Kids are so absorbed in using gadgets or Internet that they fail to notice the presence of their parents. They are not interested in interacting with their parents.


All you need to spend quality time with your kids to lowering their excessive use of the gadgets.

Problem#3: Being Vulnerable to Cyber Crimes:

Kids who use Internet are prone to explicit content, hackers, predators, cyber criminals and phishing.


You should educate your kids on the basics of cyber security. Besides, create setting on PC to block inappropriate content and install antivirus.