Mobile Working, Cloud and Data Security, Top priority for IT pros this year: Survey

According to the findings of the survey, information security, cloud computing and mobile computing including BYOD at 60 percent, 55 percent, and 53 percent respectively, are the top priorities to consider for all types of organizations in the next one year.

Business are trying to locate security service companies and professionals, since they are realizing that such technological developments can potentially benefit their business. Securing their data, and collecting all they useful day from the cloud and through big data, organization can increase their productivity and ensure business continuity.

Mobile working, Cloud and data security

Conducted amid 350 senior UK IT professionals; the survey gives us a glimpse into what IT pros have been planning for the next 12 months or for a term of 3-5years,

While about 8 percent of the organizations believe they have enough resources and IT staff to combat their IT and security needs, there are rest of the 92 percent of the digital leaders that feel their organizations lack the resource and IT staff to tackle management issues and meet their IT and security needs. In the survey, almost 53 percent of the digital leaders felt their organizations needed data analysts and IT professionals to enhance their existing workforce.

With a larger – three to five year future prospect, the survey revealed that besides other things, the major priority for organizations would be; information security, cloud computing and big data. The digital leaders emphasized on the fact that these issues are no longer limited to IT sector alone – but are the most vital issues on board (which need to be looked more widely most quickly).

This is so since, the reputation and deliverance of most organizations (in the current scenario), do not just rely on the traditional ways of customer service, but increasing rest on the fact how organizations secure their customer data, and how they use the analyzed influx of data for their advantage.