Microsoft New Launch; A Mirror That Can Read Your Emotions

Many of us always want our mirror to read our emotions… are you one of them? If so, then it’s a good news for you that Microsoft has launched a “Smart Mirror” known as a Magic Mirror that can recognize the user with greetings. Read their emotions with weather, time, and other information while looking into the mirror.

Magic Mirror from Microsoft

Rather than a Smart Mirror, Microsoft prefers to call it Magic Mirror, and it was showcased for the first time at the InnovFest UnBound 2016 digital technology conference.

What Magic Mirror holds…

It has a hidden facial recognition camera that notice eight human emotions that includes, anger, happiness and surprise. This can prompt an awesome product for advertisers in learning client experience while seeing their ads.

Microsoft plans to grow the mirror’s features, permitting it to demonstrate app-fed news and also Facebook and Twitter feeds in a display panel.

A member of Microsoft Singapore’s developer experience team, Izzat Khair, clarified that although the mirror was still at the demo stage, yet it can possibly turn out the business sector commercial project using technology.

The mirror’s facial-recognition features could then give constant information to promoters on how viewers responded to the ads.

The Magic Mirror was one of various tech products on display at InnovFest UnBound 2016, to show the changing ways clients were cooperating with technology.

Keeping cyber security in mind, the information prepared by the mirror was put away on a private cloud that Microsoft’s developers couldn’t access, and the information was erased following seven days.

Thus, if you think you’re good-looking and smarter enough, let the Magic Mirror work for you. Do let us know what you think about this new launch of Microsoft in the comments section!