Microsoft Attempts to Present Their Best With Windows 10.

Learning from the fiery experience of their last launch, Microsoft is now all set to recover the previous losses and earn the laurels for the next with Windows10. Recently, the first glimpse of this newest operating system presented the touting features like custom application store, advanced security and lots more.

Windows 10

Two years back, Microsoft’ Windows 8 which added a touch screen base, left the consumers into a confusing state. It was not appreciated and poorly received by the business customers. Thus, this time company is refocusing greatly on the corporate customers. And if the resources are to be believed, a number of apps and services will be developed for Internet-based cloud-computing services.

With the skip in name from ‘8’ to ‘10’, Microsoft has made a clear indication that with the name, technology, features, etc. of this operating system also tends to take a leap. It is expected to present forth the perfect blend of successful aspects of Windows 7 and 8, which greatly attracted to the corporate customers. For example, the Start Menu from the previous designs, boxy tiles in the second column and various other applications will be present in this updated version.

Another important feature to come along is the unique design, which allows automatic switching of Windows modes. Now, whether you are using it for a tablet or a laptop, Windows10 works with all. For adding the best features, the company also desire from their customers for their valuable feedback with their Windows Insider Program. Those who are interested in testing the technical preview will be giving their feedback and the final product will be based on that input.

Unlike the previous versions, where the development was carried out without involving the partners and customers, Microsoft is ready to hit the market with a boom.