Meeting the Exploding Demand for New IT Services

In the last couple of years, the world has changed the way it interacts with technology. Most consumers now want customized or consumer-i-zed services for their own niche requirements. The managed IT services, thus, have to constantly change and evolve to meet these demands. There are no longer big or small players for IT services in the field. An idea can change the way people consume information. The desktop had gone out of the window some time ago; the laptop is struggling to keep up as well.

IT Services

According to recent studies, people are exchanging their notebooks for the cheaper and lighter smartphones or tablets. Nearly half of the smartphone users in the world prefer their smartphone as a primary internet access point. 26% of all emails being exchanged in the world are opened on portable devices like the smartphone, and 10% on tablets. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy has been implemented by most major companies, citing them as reasons for higher employee satisfaction.

One of the major reasons for the speedy evolution of IT has been the introduction of Cloud. Migrating physical storage and services, has created an even faster channel for services. This in turn, renders the end users as being expectant of spectacular levels of delivery whether they are working with big cloud  computing companies or medium scale managed IT service providers.
In reality, the maintenance and provision of such a high level of service, blurs the relationship between IT provider in a company and the employee who is the user. Gradually, the relationship is becoming tenuous as employees depend on these services for their own output.

Taking advantage of the new world of IT, requires a completely different approach from the one used by most companies before. The world of IT not only has to smarter, but simpler.

End users require efficient performance with little investment of their own. Social media is the norm, and latest IT services have to be aware of their own involvement in this expanding domain. Delivering applications, or software which is compatible with every device out there, only enhances your reach and prospects.

The IT services have to be self-directed in many ways. Previously, where call centers and customer care centers had an immense role to play in services, the quota of their ownership is decreasing by the day.

End users are proactive in searching and manufacturing their own solutions. IT has to grow into this realization, making sure they meet the user half-way, thereby helping their own in-house teams concentrate on more striking issues.

Providing streamlined services is important, but what makes IT more effective is the complete user experience at the other end. If you can manage to “wow” your end users with some authoritative delivery and service, you are bound to grow. That been said, all the glory comes along with keeping your word regarding some basics too.

To solve complex challenges in the upcoming future of IT, and deliver on a scale put forward by the future plans of a business are only achievable if there is 360 degree communication within the company.