Life changing technologies in 2015

Yes, the New Year will not get you a truly smart home or a smartphone that won’t break, but here are few technologies that will touch our lives for sure:
Life changing technologies in 2015

  • Apple watch

Apple’s new smartwatch is eagerly awaited, and when it does show up in a couple of months from now it will be difficult to evade its hype. Though, we are not sure what the watch will do, it’s nonetheless worth the wait.

  • Wearable fitness trackers

Fitness and health monitoring smart bands and smartwatches will be all the craze this year. What will hit the pulse will be the connected health monitoring clothing, which will be packed with sensors to track everyday activity.

  • Time for 4K

4K (highest pixel resolution) TVs will be the standard in 2015. The ultra-high definition TVs will pack four times the resolution of HD to give you a picture that is clearer than what your eye can fathom.

  • Phone is the new wallet

2015 will be the year when you’ll walk out of the house with only your smartphone. The smartphone will be your credit card and you will not need your wallet anymore.