Key Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

The popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) has been increasing manifold because it reduces consumer acquisition cost and makes development simple. In case of standard software installation, companies have to build servers, install applications and software and configure them. With SaaS, users don’t have to pay for the software itself, instead they pay kind of rental for the software used, thus minimizing the infrastructure and cost related to IT staff.

With the help of a company that specializes in provision of custom IT solutions in Singapore, it is possible for any small or medium scale enterprise to make use of such services. In order to help you understand why SaaS is a better solution over the traditional software management, we have listed below the key advantages of Software as a Service.
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  • Swift beginning

In a traditional software model, companies have to install and configure the software, which can be pretty time consuming. With SaaS however, users have the advantage of provisioning the server in cloud (for instance) and have the application ready for use in a matter of hours. This surely reduces the time involved in installation and configuration of software traditionally.

  • Quick to use

With traditional software you need weeks to install, deploy and configure all the necessary requirements. With Apixel as your IT support partner in Singapore, however, you can expect a much shorter turnaround time but that’s applicable to a series of other software that are not otherwise available as SaaS.

With SaaS all you require is an Internet connection and a web browser. Since with SaaS users don’t need to install any software, they can access the new software without delay.

  • Easy to adopt

SaaS providers do not require you to incur any additional cost on infrastructure. SaaS service is provided over the internet. Since all business employees are quite familiar with the internet, virtually there is no learning involved. Thus, adopting the new SaaS software is as easy as using the internet.

  • Cost effective

Just as Apixel charges a fixed cost for IT support in Singapore, SaaS is basically sold on subscription basis. This includes maintenance, customer support and upgrades. Unlike traditional software you have to own, SaaS works on monthly subscriptions basis, hence it is comparatively cost effective. Since, being cost effective, small and medium size business can invest into software that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them and increase their consumer base significantly.

  • No additional infrastructure requirement

If you use software via SaaS, you can be sure that the entire IT infrastructure and its maintenance will be taken care of by the SaaS vendor. As a business, you will not need to incur any additional cost besides the monthly subscription for the use SaaS software.

  • Easy upgrades

As we know, the SaaS provider manages all the handling and maintenance expenditure of the software a company subscribes to. It is also important to learn that SaaS provider also manages all the updates and upgrades regarding software, hardware or bandwidth as required with growing data base. The business does not have to make any additional installs or updates separately.

Software as a Service

  • SaaS provider maintains data backup

With traditional software we have learnt that business require costly automated solutions to backup data on a weekly basis. But with SaaS, you have no such problem. SaaS providers have provision for automatic backup, which they use to maintain the integrity of data without the user’s intervention.

  • SaaS vendors strive for long term relations

SaaS vendors spend a great deal on marketing and acquiring new customers, the cost is so hefty that it may take the vendor over a year to start making profits. Thus, SaaS providers ensure they are focused on ensuring you are happy customer. Happy customer means long term relation and better profit for the SaaS provider too.

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