IT Outsourcing – the Reasons, Risks and Rewards

Almost a decade ago, IT outsourcing was not much of a need for most businesses. Now, the times have changed.

IT Support

While the Web revolution was still progressing, smartphone, big data and cloud computing revolutions chimed in almost no time. The result? Nearly every business entity on the planet would soon be using some sort of IT systems for operations, finance management, sales, inventory management, industrial automation or something else. Since these businesses cannot of course have their own IT departments, they have to take the IT outsourcing route.

To get a 360 degree view of outsourced IT support services, it’s a good idea to take a look at the reasons, risks and rewards:

The Reasons

  • Dedicated companies that offer IT support services have the expertise that small or midsize businesses can never afford.
  • Heavy reliance on IT systems means that organizations today need to promptly resolve system malfunctions.
  • Remote IT support services are way cheaper than having to hire a full time professional.

The Risks

  • What if the IT support company charges way over your budget?
  • What if IT services are outsourced to an incompetent company?
  • What if you sign up for ‘remote support only’ service and actually need onsite support more often?
  • What if you need top notch IT consultancy services and the company you’re dealing with can merely install operating systems, antivirus software etc. and offer no help when you need cloud solutions configured or have other such requirements?

The Rewards

  • Pay for on demand IT support services and keep your IT spending at the minimum.
  • Achieve higher productivity by ensuring maximum system or network up time.
  • Stay clear of potential security pitfalls.
  • Use technology to your advantage by deploying the latest systems and software.
  • Achieve operational efficiency by making use of the expertise available.

IT Maintenance

IT outsourcing can be risky only if you’re blind to some obvious pointers while selecting an IT support services company. Be careful at the time of signing up for such services and all you’ll get is a bucketful of rewards!