Increasing Role of Technology in Major Sporting Events

Singapore is about to host the finals of a WTA event for the first time, and although the general viewer may not notice, the technology will be working overtime. Every serve, fault, winner and ace is a form of data for information technology analysts.

Increasing Role of Technology in Major Sporting Events

Most technology companies are releasing products that analyze and re-shape data into a format that is profitable for individual players or teams. Some of these teams include: –


Since the introduction of hawk-eye for the goal-line decisions, the data volumes in football have already gone up. Several data providers work day and night evaluating every pass, every goal to the minutest detail. Coaches and individuals alike, look to leverage such data to improve their own performance. The biggest sporting event in world, the world cup is the biggest challenge for presenters and data analysts alike.


Tennis has always been a data exhaustive sport. With each match producing a number of different data-sets, no wonder the sport is on top of the list of sports demanding a lot from these analysts. Coaches and players have begun to acknowledge the advantage of using technology to improve performance and carefully study opponents for potential weaknesses.


Cricket is exhaustive bookkeeping, a sport where the numbers are huge and spread every which way. The cricketing echelons are pillared on a foundation of records, numbers and yet more records and numbers.

Formula one

Perhaps the one sport that is more dependent on its technology than on human engagement is the world of formula one. A formula one car has some 100 sensors attached to its frame that transmit real-time data during the race. In a sport where margins of victory are negligible and quite literally every second makes a difference, the performance and capabilities of technology are regularly tested.