Importance of Cloud-Based Services for SMBs

Cloud services are becoming popular increasingly as they are instrumental in saving costs and pump up the productivity of the workplace. The CPU power and the availability of RAM are some of the factors that will determine the amount of services you can buy. The other factor to keep in mind is the pattern for usage and the growth targets of the company. However, scalability is not an issue with services providers of Cloud.


Let’s look at the reasons why cloud services have become such a hit with SMB’s.

1. You Save Costs Tremendously

If you are an AMB you are fully aware of the cost hindrances you face when implementing IT infrastructures’ and other capabilities in IT in your business. There’s good news, cloud services can offer you perfect IT solutions at the most unbeatable rates. There is no upfront cost and no long tern contract that you have to sign.

2. Scaling and controlling is in your hands

Cloud computing in Singapore is an excellent example of how small businesses are benefiting from this modern age marvel. The main benefit that is making it such a hit is the fact that the SMB’s can scale it according to their needs. They can easily add or remove licenses according to the changing needs.

3. No Installation and Waiting Period

Cloud services are ready to use instantly and can be ready to run within hours. In comparison to the time taken for installation of a data center, this time frame is negligible.

4. No Threats to Security

Cloud services come with update and fully equipped security norms and policies. The security infrastructure is in place and ready to take on any threat. SMB’s benefit by taking advantage of this protective shell, although they are only paying for a small bit.

5. Forget About Maintenance and Monitoring

Most cloud service providers take the full responsibility of the up-gradation, handling of the servers in the back end and the monitoring of the system around the clock. The up time is fast and steady due to this back end support at all times. While you run your business the provider works in the background.

6. Access It from Work or Home or Anywhere You Please

Since these services are internet based, they can be accessed through a computer from anywhere. This ensures that work goes on and the support is there no matter where it is accessed from.

7. Really Awesome Features Of Cloud Services

SMB’s have declared cloud services a hit because –

  • Allows storage of date and back up
  • Enables sharing of files
  • Empowers them with web hosting services
  • Saves costs due to cloud based communication