High End IT Maintenance through our flat-rate managed IT Support Service

IT SupportAt Apixel, we have been continuously delivering highest quality IT support solution to business in Singapore since 2004. Initially we started as a typical IT company offering charge-based on service-hours support to business to manage their IT infrastructure and minimize cost. This model of IT outsourcing of working only for hours booked was really profitable for us, but that wasn’t a full proof system clients’ need.

Realizing this, being only a year into the IT support business, we began offering support packages with flat-rate managed IT support service. The result is more customer responsibility and accountability, which has transformed us into an IT support company to look forward to.

If you are a business dealing with unforeseen costs of Information Technology, which has become really too much to handle for you, the IT support from Apixel is the solution, since we offer the most realistic and predictable IT support service.

There are a number of policies that we have implemented to both stay profitable and to offer customers the most reliable support. Remaining profitable is important to have a continuous zeal to keep doing what we do best to the best of our ability. But out biggest satisfaction comes when customers don’t stop thanking us for the amazing facilities that we offer to them in order to get their business out of problematic IT systems to free-flowing, problem-free IT systems that they can rely upon without a speck of doubt.

Some of the policies we have implemented include:

Around the clock service support: We as a company understand that delay in work can lead to grave business losses, deadlines can be missed and a lot of other problems can be created. This, we offer our service support to resolve all your IT problems as and when they arise.

Long term-relationship: Satisfied clients will choose us and stay with us, considering this approach we refrain from taking any large payment up front from our clients. We believe in building long term relations with clients where both parties can benefit. Thus, we adopt a pay-as-you-go model, instead of up-front payments.

Professional advisors not resellers: As a part of our service, we provide our customers with advice and help to procure the best IT products and services. We go out of our way to inform the clients of vendors, but we at no stage work as resellers. Apixel believes in remaining a neutral party only helping the clients to get the best possible deal.

Some of the services provided for IT Maintenance through our flat-rate managed IT Support Service include:

  • Precautionary maintenance of IT products and services
  • Full support and maintenance of computer network
  • Remote and on the site tech support
  • Maintenance and server support
  • Computer peripheral and hardware support, including maintenance of computers and laptops etc.
  • Support of mobile devices, mobile phones and smartphones
  • Backup, maintenance and support for communication equipment and tools
  • Strategic planning, research and formation and implementation of new solutions to meet IT-related problems of the business
  • Assistance in procurement of IT-based equipment, services and software
  • All important, data backup and recovery services