Google Invites Google Apps Customers to Try Inbox

Google announced that it will extend Inbox, its redesigned Gmail experience, to enterprise customers using its Google Apps service.

Google Invites Google Apps Customers to Try Inbox

In this blog post, Alex Gawley, Google’s product manager for Gmail and Inbox, said a small number of Google Apps for Work customers will have an opportunity to try Inbox.

Launched in October on its mainstream Gmail service, Inbox incorporates reminders and tasks intended to help you complete to-dos. There’s also a speed-dialing feature for frequent contacts, and bundling of related messages. Re/code’s Katie Boehret reviewed it in November, writing that it “throws in some cool extra features that are so useful that you’ll wonder how you survived email without them.”

Gawley wrote that Google will be enabling the new service gradually, starting with a small number of Google Apps customers. But only a Google Apps administrator can request an invite. “Of course, every company and every person is different, so we want to get more input on how Inbox will work at your company,” he wrote. The first invitations will go out in March.

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