Fun-Some Sitting Arrangements for your Office

Most Corporate offices have been following the same traditional office set-ups, either those wooden partitions with a chair and desk or cabins with bare glass walls.

We have come-up with a few different and extremely amazing ideas for sitting arrangements in office. Because we believe creating a cool office space with unique and marvelous sitting arrangements can act as a sense of pride for employees and an attractive working point. Also, a comfy sitting space can avoid adverse effect on the employees’ health.

The video BELOW shows a few amazing sitting ideas that you can adapt to bring a change in your office space. A few of them have already been used by many companies.
Some of them are funny like the one having ‘toilet cum chair’, while others are healthy, like the one with the ‘exercise ball chair’.

We do not claim that a fancy or weird sitting arrangement will magically improve your productivity, but all that eternal corporate grayness for sure does nothing good to come up with great new ideas.

As such, we have tried to bring a ‘twist’ in your sitting style in office so that you enjoy working, even for hours and stay active and fit.