Forget i-Watch: it’s time for Apple Watch

Besides its unique look,  editions and price, the main reason for its widespread popularity is its ‘App pool’ that will mark a new era of apps.

               Apple Watch

A time-saving feature called ‘Glance’ condenses the most relevant information from each app into a form you can easily scan. And since it can tap you on your wrist, you can instantly receive all the notifications.

  1. Apple Activity App: It’s about health, movement, wellness and your daily routine rather than sports features.Apple activity app
  2. Apple Workout app: As the name implies, it is a workout app that plugs the GPS information from your mobile into data from the on-board accelerometer and heart-rate sensors. It gives you all the time, distance and pacing metrics you’ll need.Apple workout app
  3. Apple Pay with Apple Watch: The Apple Pay app was introduced with the iPhone 6 and is set to work in the same with the Apple watch. It is an NFC, contact less payment system.Apple pay with apple watch 
  4. BMW App: The BMW app tells you how much charge is left in your car and where your car is, including map and directions, if you’ve forgotten where you parked it.

BMW apple watch

Excited to know the price?? Pricing will start at $350  in the Singapore for the entry-level version.

Content and Image Credits: Wareable