Face-to-face Conversation is a Must for an Ideal Customer experience

“If you are not addressing the emotional side of things and are purely functional, it may not be sufficient,” – Howie Lau, CMO of StarHub

When it comes to understanding a customer today, data plays a big role. Face-to-face conversations are much more active and marketers should not over trust on data. While the tech is rising at an exponential rate, the value of face-to-face conversation and inspection should not be undermined.

To get connected with a customer, you need a balancing act between emotional and functional along with the right mix of information and real on-ground discussions. These are expected to truly make sense of the main problems faced by customers.

Present Status Of A Customer:

Clients today are all around educated, knowledgeable and open to converse. While most advertisers might want to trust that they have the ability to impact what the clients know and see. Particularly in the telco business, connecting with their emotional side truly matters.

Howie Lau said “If you are not tending to the emotional side of things and are simply practical, it may not be adequate.” But rather, it’s redundant that how much emotional and functional features are required in your messaging. You essentially need to investigate both the features while talking to consumers.

In concluding lines, when it comes to true customer engagement, no robot can replace the human factor. To build up strong relationships, brands should ask customers to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. It later on build up understanding between the emotional and functional information of a customer.